Mechanical Engineering Services

We offer a full suite of mechanical and product development engineering services. Over more than two decades in business, we have helped some of the biggest names in manufacturing create innovative and successful products. Our team integrates seamlessly with yours to concept, collaborate and execute full product development. Our capabilities include:

  • Concept design & development
  • Design
  • Validation and testing
  • Cost reductions
  • Finite element analysis
  • Manufacture ready drawings
  • Prototyping
  • Reverse engineering
  • 3D scanning

Full Product Development Cycle Support

With more than two decades of mechanical and manufacturing engineering experience under our belts, we know that comprehensive engagement and collaboration are imperative for success. Our product development engineering services team supports your team throughout every part of the product engineering process. We bring a fresh perspective and a proven skillset to every project, and collaborate directly with your team to ensure the optimal outcome. Our team possesses a variety of skillsets and subject matter expertise, and our manufacturing experience speaks for itself. Whether you need help with a specific portion of your project or full support, we’re ready to help.

Innovation & ConceptInnovation & Concept
Finite Element AnalysisFinite Element Analysis
Validation & TestingValidation & Testing

Innovation & Concept

We hang our hats on our ability to innovate new concepts and new products for our clients. We have a history of creating multiple designs that result in patents for our clients.

We consistently innovate, but never sacrifice quality and affordability. Our goal is to exceed the customer's expectations in innovation and design – and deliver a high quality product that meets market needs.


We bring a fresh and experienced perspective to every project we support, working with your team to design or re-design a part or system that fits your requirements. Our depth of experience in product development engineering services allows us to design to meet tight schedules and budgets. We maximize product quality and reliability by eliminating design flaws quicker, reducing the number of physical prototypes and resolving manufacturing problems in the early stages of development.

Finite Element Analysis

We use Finite Element Analysis, FEA, computer programs to analyze and determine the stress and failure outcomes of a design before a physical prototype is even made. FEA method helps us design more accurately without over designing, reduce the time to design, and reduces costs. We specialize in in both linear and non-linear analysis, including: structural & fatigue , bolted joint analysis and modal frequency.

We put every concept and design under the microscope, evaluating each part of the build for feasibility and cost, using simulations to predict and optimize the structural integrity of components and complete systems in operation. Our FEA maximizes product quality and reliability to yield the most cost effective and best performing product.


We work with rapid prototyping companies, sheetmetal and fabricators, casting specialists, and many other vendors in mechanical and electrical systems that professionally assist us with a prototype build for our customer.

We create high-quality, realistic prototypes to prove out concepts before production. Our prototypes allow us to demonstrate functionality and course correct when needed, validate the feasibility of each project, and save crucial time and money.

Validation & Testing

Once a design is complete, we utilize an in-depth validation and testing process to ensure that everything is in order. We test each part of each unit – including weldments, dimensions, fit, form and function, specifications and more to ensure your products work the way they were intended.

A Proven History of Engineering Success

We’ve helped some of the biggest manufacturing organizations in the world create innovative products and engineering success stories. Read about them here.


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