Designing the Future

Augmented reality in manufacturing means better oversight, better testing, better design, better communication, better productivity, better workplace safety – and ultimately, a better product. We design custom augmented reality applications that capture and display important data using virtual images and sounds with real-world surroundings viewed through wearable HoloLens devices, smartphones, tablets and heads-up displays.

Our customized, enterprise-level AR apps give designers and engineers a simple platform to collaborate, track feedback, and quantify the design. The hands-free, interactive technology allows workers to see and hear part assemblies, instructions and processes in real-time, and make adjustments wherever, and whenever they are needed.

AR offers new insights and tools to move manufacturing into the next millennia. Whether you want to ensure workplace safety or accelerate the maintenance process, AR helps optimize manufacturing operations.

The Power of Augmented Reality in Manufacturing

Optimize Production

AR optimzes both quality and productivity in manufacturing environments, improving everything from design to quality assurance to servicing.

Leverage Powerful Data

Stream crucial data in real time, collaborate and capture images and video in real-time with the HoloLens wearable device, and generate custom reporting in an instant.

Immediately Resolve Problems

Identify and rectify issues in real-time, improving productivity and quality while reducing costs.

Enhance Quality

AR can deliver visual instructions into the HoloLens device, helping workers build more accurately and efficiently.

Transform Your Entire Operation with AR

  • Assembly time and accuracy
  • Logistics
  • Engineering design and design reviews
  • Safety and compliance
  • Training
  • End of line inspections
  • Issue resolution
  • Displaying live streaming data
  • Gathering key data

A Proven History of Engineering Success

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