The Evolution of Training

Our VR, AR and MR solutions revolutionize training and education. Our team custom designs virtual and augmented reality experiences that look and feel like the real thing. Our solutions cut time and cost significantly, eliminating the need for space, equipment and schedules, allowing people to learn intuitively, on their own time—and on a platform they are natively accustomed to. To view our products please visit our blog.

Custom Application Design

We create customized applications that drive 100% usability, match your exact requirements and seamlessly integrate with your learning management systems.

Real Time Data Capture

Detailed data captured through our custom apps are communicated to your LMS or LRS portal, giving you a real-time snapshot of training efficacy while documenting your process so that you can develop training improvement plans.

Implementation Support

Our team works with yours to ensure your training implementation and program go smoothly, from train the trainer sessions to live support.

No Internet Connection Required

Our VR, AR and MR applications are designed to work both on and offline, allowing for training operations in remote locations or places with connectivity issues.

Manufacturing Innovation, Custom-Designed

VR, AR and MR technology means better oversight, better testing, better design, better productivity, better workplace safety–and ultimately, a better outcome. We design custom VR, AR and MR applications that capture and display important data, and create integrated experiences using virtual images and sounds with real-world surroundings viewed through wearable devices, smartphones and tablets.

Our customized, enterprise-level apps give engineering and manufacturing personnel a simple platform to collaborate, track feedback, and quantify designs. The hands-free, interactive technology allows workers to see and hear instructions and processes in real-time, and make adjustments wherever, and whenever they are needed.

The Power of Augmented Reality in Manufacturing

Optimize Production

VR, AR and MR optimize both quality and productivity in manufacturing environments, improving everything from design to quality assurance to servicing.

Leverage Powerful Data

Stream crucial data in real-time, collaborate and capture images and video with a wearable device, and generate custom reporting in an instant.

Immediately Resolve Problems

Identify and rectify issues in real-time, improving productivity and quality while reducing costs.

Enhance Quality

VR, AR and MR can deliver visual instructions into a wearable device, helping workers build more accurately and efficiently.

Marshalling in Air Force Trainees

Learn how EngineeringPeople delivered a turnkey airplane marshalling simulator solution with instructor, practice and test modes for United States Air Force trainees.


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