A Small Business With Big Ideas

At EngineeringPeople, talented people come together to create magic. As a small business with a flat organizational structure, you’ll get a chance to work in a variety of roles, on a variety of projects with a variety of people – including the business owner. You will learn and you will grow, regardless of where you are in your career. You will work with some of the best minds in the industry and create some of the most innovative products – including next generation tech like augmented reality and IoT applications. Your voice will be heard, and you’ll have the chance to make a real difference.

Our Core Values


We thrive when we allow our imaginations to run wild. We have a passion for creativity, we see things a bit differently and we welcome change.


We love to work together to accomplish things that individuals alone cannot. Our company is one giant team where everyone's opinion matters – and everyone is crucial to our success.


We are educated, trained, certified and experienced – but we're always learning and growing. We have a thirst for knowledge, and our minds are innately curious.


Our success is rooted in our belief in ourselves. We believe we can accomplish anything – and then we go do it.

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