Virtual, Augmented and
Mixed Reality Solutions

We believe in the power of technology—and utilizing it to its full potential. Our custom-designed VR, AR and MR solutions solve real problems for our clients, bringing a new level of innovation and efficiency to their operations.

Internet of Things (IoT)

We bring IoT in manufacturing solutions that connect brick and mortar products to the digital world, opening up a world of data and insights that help you improve your products and your business in real time.

Comprehensive Product Development Engineering Services

We offer total product development engineering services that run from concept through design to verification and build. Our talented team works with your team throughout the entire process to ensure you get the product you desire.

Need an onsite engineer?

Our engineering staffing solutions help you find the right person to augment your team.

Need EngineeringPeople?

We’re right here. Get the conversation started with a complimentary mechanical engineering and design consultation to discuss how we can help advance your product.