The Next Industrial Revolution

Every industry – including manufacturing – is in the midst of another revolution – and IoT is driving it. IoT in manufacturing is changing how products are designed, operated, improved and implemented into everyday life. The Internet of Things (IoT) turns traditional products into “smart” products by using built in sensors to connect products to people, processes and other devices or products via the cloud.

IoT in manufacturing opens up brand new lines of communication and data for manufacturing. It enables you to manage and control products remotely, monitor issues in real-time, and get valuable data and insights into product performance and user activity.

Monitor Product Health

IoT-connected products give you the ability to identify product issues in real-time, and perform timely field service when needed.

Remote Control

IoT allows you to access and control products and monitor performance remotely from a central location.

Big Data

IoT sensors connect your product and your company to invaluable data on everything from maintenance alerts to consumer behavior.

Digital Transformation

IoT connectivity will help your business tap into actionable data and new revenue sources in the digital economy.

Connect Your Organization with IoT Integration

  • Manufacturing operations
  • Field service
  • Asset management and maintenance
  • Data collection and management
  • Business intelligence

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