Mastering New Technologies to Give You a Competitive Edge

We don’t just push boundaries, we redefine them. Our talented team explores and excels in emerging technologies, then applies them in a mechanical engineering setting to give you a competitive edge.

Augmented Reality

Resolve quality issues, improve productivity and reduce costs with our HoloLens augmented reality system. Holographic images and sounds mix with your real surroundings, allowing you to do your job with better accuracy and efficiency.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Make your product “smart” by connecting it to the cloud. We develop strategies to connect your product to other devices, people and processes, allowing you to receive valuable insights about its usage and performance.

Supporting the Full Product Development Cycle

Mechanical engineering services that support your product from concept to manufacturing.

Need an onsite engineer?

Our engineering staffing solutions help you find the right person to augment your team.

Why Choose EngineeringPeople?


Get a leg up on the competition with a firm that tests and adopts cutting-edge technologies as they hit the market.


Get the flexibility you need. As a boutique engineering firm, we are agile and can easily adapt to your needs to deliver the right services when you need them.


Reduce learning curves with an engineer-driven team that has intimate understanding of both the technical and business side of engineering.

Case Study: U.S. Army

The U.S. Army came to us to strengthen and lighten an existing flatrak for transportation. Find out how we reduced its weight by 10%, reduced parts by 14% and reduced the number of sub-assemblies by 45% – all coming in ahead of schedule.







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