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EngineeringPeople provides a full range of comprehensive engineering services in design and product development. We continually evolve to answer industry demands and today we offer outsource engineering services, onsite staffing and an online resource tool for engineers and employers.

Quality Engineering Icon Engineering and Design

We are a recognized leader in outsource engineering and analysis for construction, mining, and agricultural equipment as well as large machinery and engines, with experience in managing large-scale projects. We leverage CAD/CAE technology to design solutions that allow our customers to deliver higher quality products at a lower overall cost for improved profitability.
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Staffing Icon Technical Staffing

Don't need to outsource projects but to supplement your team with highly proficient engineers? We find quality candidates with the right skill-sets for your specialized needs on a short-term, long-term or contract-to-hire basis. Our areas of recruiting expertise includes Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Software Developers, Test Technicians, Analysts and Detailers.

Job Site Icon Engineering Exclusive Job Site

A great tool for recruiters, job-seeking engineers and the engineering community that brings thousands of qualified engineers in contact with world-class companies. Engineers
have all the employment resources at the tip of their fingers
and employers can put their job in front of qualified engineers
in virtually every discipline.


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What Makes Us Different

20+ Years of Experience: We have over two decades of experience providing product engineering to Fortune 50 companies, the government and start-ups. We are one of the oldest U.S. engineering companies that offer the flexibility of both in-house engineering services and on-site staffing.

ENGINEER-OWNED & DRIVEN: As a company cultivated by engineers, we understand engineering from both the business and employee perspective. Our methods are uniquely targeted to find engineering talent.

EASILY CUSTOMIZABLE SERVICE: The advantage of being a small business is we have the agility to customize a solution that works with your in-house team, recruiting policies and profile management tools. We take the time to fully understand your company and seamlessly integrate with your team.

Disney Customer Service Certified: We are growing a culture that cares as much about your customer experience as the details of your project. That's why we have started at the top; our admin team is fully certified and implementing practices throughout our entire company.

RECOGNIZED FOR EXCELLENCE: We are a trusted name in the engineering field. Alone in the last year, we have been recognized for four patents, for being the top drawing quality supplier for five months running and for cost-savings projects that range up to $100,000 per year.

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